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We specialize in car negotiations for people.

We are expert car negotiators. Making the choice to work with our experienced car consultants when buying or leasing a car will save you a significant amount of money, time, and unwanted stress & anxiety when buying or leasing a car. Our team of car consultants has negotiated thousands of new and used car transactions at car dealerships. We use our experience from the car industry to speak on your behalf when buying or leasing a vehicle. Let us help. Contact us today!


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P Adams 2021See the source image

Ron is the cream of the crop. I happen to be very particular about who I do business with. I called car cunsultant to get an idea of how their business could help me as I went through the process of buying a car. Not only did I save over $3600.00, I spent all of 1 hour in the dealership……totally professional and straight to the point Ron is a gem. Ron, you are the best and I sincerely thank you for a job well done and great advise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

G Morris 2021 See the source image

Car hunting can be exciting and frustrating with other mixed emotions. Ron was great! He handled everything making our experience seamless. He saved us time, money, no down payment was required AND our payment was below our budget. I highly recommend. We will be using him again with our next purchase


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Our team of experienced car consultants will negotiate the entire transaction on a vehicle you've selected.



Our team of professional consultants will locate the the car you desire and negotiate the entire car transaction

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