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Q and A

What is considered to be significant savings?

Significant savings with our company is approx. $1,000 to $8000. Each car transaction is different. We will not knowingly bring in your business without first noticing significant savings.

How is the total savings calculated?

First, a consultant negotiates for a better price on the car. Then the car dealership presents an offer for the extended warranty, interest rate, trade-in value, and other dealer products. A consultant will then negotiate any of those offers for better pricing, if applicable.

Do I have to purchase the extended warranty or other dealer products?

No customer is forced or required to purchase these options.  Our consultant is aware of all strategies car dealers use to sell aftermarket products. The extended warranties-dealer products are different at each car dealership and they’re also, priced differently. A consultant will diligently go over each product with you that is offered at the dealership. At that time you will make a decision if the product fits your needs.

Can you explain the Car Consultant For You Guarantee?

We guarantee our customers will recoup the consultant fee through their total savings. For instance, If for some odd reason we are able to only save our customer $500 and our consultant fee is $599. The customer will only pay $500. This minimal amount of saving has never happened in our company. The saving our customers receive is significantly more.

Is the consulting fee financed?

No, the good thing is, the consulting fee is paid out of pocket avoiding paying interest on it over the length of the car loan.

Is there a credit requirement?

No, we are not a bank or a car dealership, but there is a credit requirement at the car dealerships.  Car Consultant For You has many years of experience with the credit requirements at car dealerships. A consultant will answer your question concerning this during the consultation.

What if there is a mechanical or cosmetic issues after buying the car?

You are buying the car directly from a car dealer. The car dealer will address any issues you have with your car after your purchase. Most issues are covered by the car dealership’s warranty or extended warranty. As your consultant, if you choose the option, we will use our expertise and go over the car with you thoroughly before purchasing your car, but we are not mechanics. We will assist you where ever possible by sharing our knowledge in this type of situation.