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Fawn Adams

04 28,2021 See the source image

Ron is the cream of the crop. I happen to be very particular about who I do business with. I called car cunsultant to get an idea of how their business could help me as I went through the process of buying a car. Not only did I save over $3600.00, I spent all of 1 hour in the dealership……totally professional and straight to the point Ron is a gem. Ron, you are the best and I sincerely thank you for a job well done and great advise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gwen Morris

Feb 03, 2021 See the source image

Car hunting can be exciting and frustrating with other mixed emotions. Ron was great! He handled everything making our experience seamless. He saved us time, money, no down payment was required AND our payment was below our budget. I highly recommend. We will be using him again with our next purchase

Brooke Bailey

Aug 30,2020 See the source image
Car Consultant for you made the process of getting the truck of my dreams smoother than I could have ever asked for. Ron was extremely patient and was able to help me with the process stress and worry free. Ron is amazing at what he does and will do everything and more to get you exactly what you want. Car consultant for you made the process of buying a vehicle so much better than what I could have ever expected. I went into the dealership by myself originally and as a woman felt they were trying to take advantage of me, Ron was able to completely change the situation and get my payments lowered by 90$! This is an amazing company.

Gregory Blewitt

April 14, 2020 See the source image

Just as you would not walk into a court without an experienced attorney to represent your interests, using an experienced broker representing you in a car purchase is a smart idea. For a reasonable fee, Ron found the exact car I wanted and negotiated a far better deal than I could ever get, along with some nice extras thrown in. He explained the issues clearly, was excellent in following up throughout the process, and made the usually-dreaded experience of dealing with car salesmen unnecessary. It made the experience of buying a new car a no-stress event. Thanks, Ron!


Jan 31,2020 See the source image

I Will Never Buy Another Car Without Car Consultant For You!!!

The process form start to finish was seamless! First off I was in dire need of a car as mine was on it’s last legs and had shut down that morning. I contacted Car Consultant for You and within a few hours Ron had found the car I wanted within the milage range I desired, in the exact color inside and out, and with the options I was looking for and more!!! That was no small feat because I bought certified preowned and the color combo with the options I wanted was rare as I had been looking off and on myself for some time. I gave the word that I wanted that car and from then on Ron did the rest. He contacted the dealer on my behalf, worked the deal and within hours, I was driving out of the dealership with my car.

That alone was worth the fee but it gets better. Ron at CCFY negotiated an awesome deal getting $1400 off the sticker, he got $1800 for my 11 year old car that I thought I could NEVER get a trade for ( did I mention that it was in need of a repair), and the icing on the cake was the EXCEPTIONAL price he negotiated for the extended warranty that will cover my car an additional 3 years after my certified preowned warranty expires for a total of 6 years!!!

I am in awe of this company and of Ron. As I said, he did all of the talking. I walked in the dealership and felt like a queen because Ron had set the tone for my experience with his knowledge and extreme professionalism and they treated me with the utmost respect and all I had to do was sign the paper work after I test drove the car. No fast talking and back and fourth. Ron did it all before I got there. Do I recommend Car Consultant For You? ABSOLUTELY!!!
I will never buy another car without them!

Dee S.

Oct 28, 2019 See the source image

First off let me just say, I don’t normally do reviews, I just don’t have the time. But it was important for me to express my gratitude and satisfaction with Car Consultant For You. Us guys in general always feel like we have everything under control. I wanted to purchase a car, I knew what I wanted and I didn’t need help, but a friend of mine highly recommended Car Consultant. So with a recent divorce and wanting to watch my coins I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. It was the best decision I could have made. Car Consultant was very professional, very accurate, didn’t waste my time, got right down to business, fought hard for my deal and walked with me every step of the way. All my negotiations were made before I even step foot in the dealer. When you have someone working for you that knows the in’s and out’s of the car business, those dishonest car salesmen can’t get over on you. I am going on record and saying if your purchasing a car or someone you know is purchasing a car have them call Car Consultant and let them work your deal. You won’t be disappointed. From here on out any vehicle I purchase, I will be using Car Consultant.

Daphe G

Sep 28, 2019 See the source image

I had such a wonderful experience utilizing the service. It is definitely worth it. My consultant, Ron Horne was passionate and courageous as he fought to get me and my son the best deal on his first brand new vehicle. We are forever grateful and I would recommend that everyone consults with you guys first

Tonee Burley

Oct 11 2019See the source image

I am a first time buyer living in Hawaii. My consultant, Ron Horne, did his research and took so much stress off of me. He was thorough and advocated for a great deal. I was able to walk into the dealership, sign some papers, and walk out with the car I wanted. Mahalo nui loa for providing this service!

ZMJT Squad

April 19, 2019See the source image

Ron Horne is one of the best consultants out there. We spoke late Tuesday and I drove off in a car early Wednesday. I’m not really into cars and I didn’t know exactly what to get, but Ron ask me a few questions then sent me pictures of cars. I fell in love with a Toyota that has everything I want inside. It’s Perfect for me and it rides great. Thanks Ron

Mirlande P.

April 4, 2019See the source image

I had the best experience working with Ron of Car Consultant For You. Ron was able to get $2,000 removed from the dealership’s listing price of my car. Furthermore, he was able to negotiate a better warranty than what the sales manager had initially presented to me. In my lifetime, I have purchased four cars so far. This is the only time that I have walked away from a deal feeling like I didn’t get robbed and I received the best deal that the dealership could have offered me! Hiring Car Consultant For You to be on my side was the best thing I did! I am not going anywhere near a car dealership without Car Consultant For You.

Alex Hinds

April 1, 2019See the source image

This company is a great company. My personal experience was great. I never thought getting a car w be such a short and easy process. When I hear from most people getting cars I heard the process was long and took a few days but nit with “Car Consultant For You”. The process was short. “Car Consultant For You” is great for saving you time and money they handle everything for you. I am glad I got to get a fantastic car for a great price. This experience can not compare to no other company when buying a car. If you want to buy a reliable car at a reliable price “Car Consultant For You” is the best company to help you.

Rachel B.

March 27, 2019See the source image

I am in graduate school commuting approximately 2 hours several days a week to attend. My old car I had was on its last leg, and I was in desperate need of a new one. Petrified of possibly having to step into a car dealership with minimal knowledge and money, I contacted car consultant for you and asked the consultant Ron if he could help me find and purchase a good and reliable car.

Prior to meeting with him, I did some research online, and had an idea of what type of car I wanted. Apart from the make and model of the car, what mattered the most to me was that the car had high safety ratings, was fuel efficient, and within my budget. Not only did he help me narrow down my car selections based on those criteria, he got me a great price on the car and the extra warranty. When the time came to actually purchase the car, he was with me at the car dealership. I had no worries and in the end I walked out a happy customer!

I plan on keeping my car until I absolutely need another one, but rest assured, when that time comes, I know exactly who I will be calling, Ron H. at car consultant for you.

A satisfied and grateful customer
Rachel B.