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We are expert car negotiators with over 20 years of experience. We know the ins and outs of the entire car-buying process. Our priority is to protect your purchase by providing professional guidance. Working with our company removes aggravation, intimidation, and price uncertainty that’s commonly associated with buying or leasing a car. Many people seek representation with real-estate, legal matters, and finances. Here is a cost-effective way to have representation while purchasing a vehicle at any car dealership. We believe buying a car should be enjoyable. This is a smart convenient way to buy a car.

Save Money

To Be very clear, we work directly for you, not the car dealership. Our company will save you a significant amount of money when purchasing a vehicle {which lowers monthly payments}. We work figures directly with car dealer management. Our consultants produce incredible savings through negotiating discounts on the price of the car, extended warranties, other dealer products and we get top dollar for the trade-in. We know exactly what goes on behind the scene and we’re fluent in the car dealer language. Having this knowledge allows us to communicate and negotiate efficiently with car dealers. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible.

Save Time

Time is valuable. Many people find it difficult and frustrating to spend hours online locating the right car at the right price. Not to mention there can be a long-drawn-out up to 6-hour process to purchase a vehicle. However, when working with Car Consultant For You, the process it’s seamless. Negotiations are finalized and the paperwork is complete before our people arrive at the dealership. Our knowledge of knowing what goes on behind the scenes expedites the entire process.

Remove Stress

We want our people to experience the originally intended joy of buying a new car. Our experienced consultants remove the stress of price uncertainty by utilizing over 20 years of experience in car pricing and car negotiation. Our customers can skip haggling, we do it for them! We protect our customers from the stress, intimidation, and aggravations commonly associated with purchasing a vehicle by advocating on their behalf. Our mission is to organize the entire car transaction for you. The only thing you’ll have to do is sign paperwork and drive home in your new car.

Car Consultant For You is not affiliated with any car dealership nor are we limited to car inventory from just one location. We are able to work with you at any car dealership.

Ron Horne

Director of Operations

Hello, I am truly passionate about helping people buy cars. I’ve personally negotiated thousands of car transactions and clearly understand how customers feel in negotiations when buying their car. I founded this company to make sure that customers who lack negotiation skills receive an incredible car deal in a timely fashion and experience less stress when buying a car. I feel that buying a car is a big investment and it should be an enjoyable, straightforward experience. My goal is to make sure that every person who decides to hire Car Consultant For You feels protected and very satisfied with their entire car buying experience.      

Thank YouRon Horne

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